COVID-19 Guidelines for your appointment.

The safety rules and operational procedures for Hands-on Therapy clinics are some of the most stringent around. This is in order to reduce the possible spread of COVID-19, and to keep both you and I safe whilst you are undergoing treatment.

The following rules MUST be followed every time you visit the Clinic please:-

PLEASE DO NOT ATTEND THE CLINIC IF YOU HAVE ANY SYMPTOMS SUCH AS HIGH TEMPERATURE, PERSISTENT UNDIAGNOSED COUGH, LOSS OF TASTE/SMELL, ETC. or if you have had personal contact with a sufferer of Covid-19 within the last 14 days.

  • You can bring one other person with you to your appointment if you wish, but they will also have to fill out the health declaration form and have their temperature taken.
  • It’s important that you TEXT me from the carpark or from outside the building, before you make your way to the clinic door – EVERY TIME YOU ATTEND PLEASE! This is to minimise contact with others who may be visiting other Therapists at the same time.
  • WHEN YOU REACH THE FRONT DOOR, please scan the QR code for ‘Alan Clements’ on the door if you have the NHS Covid-19 app on your phone (your phones normal code scanner wont work). Please ring the bell and wait for me to take your temperature using a non-contact Thermometer before you enter the clinic; (as long as your temperature is not higher than 37.5°C /99.5°F. If this happens you will be politely declined treatment).
  • YOU MUST WEAR A MASK OR CORRECTLY FITTED FACE MASK OR COVERING AT ALL TIMES (not a face-shield).If you don’t have one, I will sell you one for £1.
  • Once inside, I ask that you please remove your shoes and belongings, and place them in the box until you leave. You will be asked to wash your hands or apply Anti-Bacterial gel Finally before any treatment commences, you will have to fill out a Personal Covid-19 health declaration if you did not y scan the QR code at the door. By signing this form you will consent to take part in, and adhere to, the Welsh Test, Trace and Protect protocol.