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On this page you will find links to Websites or experts that know an awful lot about specific conditions, eg, Statins, Heart disease, Diabetes, drugs, diets, etc. I prefer to send you to their own sites and read what they have to say, rather than try to copy and reproduce their work.

  • clinic_bullet  If like me you have been diagnosed with Cardio-vascular disease and are symptom free, but have been pressured by your Cardiologist or GP to have Stents (or worse) inserted, then I urge you to make time to watch this crucial video. Highly respected UK cardiologist Dr Aseem Malhotra, reveals his ‘controversial’ (not to me !) views on coronary stents and statin drugs (8:55), in this extract from a longer presentation on health promoted by the EU parliament,, April 2018.

  • clinic_bullet  For a REAL unbiased opinion about Coronary Heart Disease / Cardio Vascular disease / STATINS / Type 2 Diabetes / and all things health, read the blog of UK GP, Dr Malcom Kendrick.

Dr Malcolm Kendrick’s Blog

  • clinic_bullet   Dr Kendrick discusses how Data is distorted when presenting to us the general public

  • clinic_bullet   Dr Kendrick demonstrates how the the Cholesterol / Saturated Fat hypothesis is wrong – Part 1

  • clinic_bullet  For decades a lot of the ‘official’ dietary information given out regarding eating Fat has been just plain WRONG! (With the exception of hydrogenated oils which can be treated as a poison to the Human body). Please read the late, great Mary Enig’s ‘The Skinny on Fats’ – You may be very surprised.

‘The Skinny on Fats’

  • clinic_bullet  Mary Enig talks about the differences between good Saturated Fats & bad Trans Fats.

  • clinic_bullet  Dr Eric Berg.(D.C.) – some excellent easy to follow information of Diet and Nutrition. Here

‘Dietary Advice From Dr Berg (D.C.)’

  • clinic_bullet  Dr Eric Berg (D.C.). This is one of his many very informative videos on diet and nutrition – this one is called ‘Ketosis – Healthy or Deadly?’