About Alan

Neuromuscular Therapist

Alan Clements

What makes me different from other Practitioners?


Hello, I have been helping people recover from injuries and various other conditions for nearly thirty years.
I have spent all this time attempting to turn myself into the best therapist I can possibly be – somebody who has the answer to MOST muscular-skeletal discomfort or energy imbalance, without the need to refer a patient off to somebody else when the going gets tough, or when an answer to your problem can’t be easily found.  Luckily, I am able to help most people that come to me but unfortunately not everyone,(as I like to say to those patients who have unrealistic expectations – “I’m good, but I’m not God”).

I arrived at therapeutic practice from the computer industry, (and bringing many years of martial arts training along with it –  I have been a student of KoBudo martial arts for many years, and bring to the clinic some of the principles and techniques that help heal instead of hurt).

I began my formal therapists training in 1990 with the gifted acupuncturist Gerry Roche, in Newport. Gwent.  He helped me recover from a failed spinal operation and inspired me to become a Therapist in my own right.

In 1992, I was fortunate to be accepted into the European school of Modern Acupuncture, run by the complementary therapy guru Mr Ken Andrews.
There I qualified in Anatomy & Physiology, and was also thoroughly schooled in many disciplines of physical, energetic, meridian and complementary therapies, including;-  Traditional & modern acupuncture, five element theory, frequencies, balance points, soft tissue & manual release techniques.  This led to diplomas in advanced modern acupuncture, massage, Neuromuscular & Myofascial release, as well as Cranial sacral therapy.

I joined the Association of  Osteomyologists in 2003 and gained further diplomas in Muscle Energy Technique, and Cranial sacral therapy, But  left them in 2009, when they started to move in a direction that I no longer felt comfortable with.

In 2009 I joined the Complementary Therapists Association (CThA), with  whom I remain with to this day.  Finally, I’m also a qualified trainer & Assessor.

So does this make me different to any other practitioner you may have met? I can’t answer that.  But I hope that if you feel that I might be able to help you, that you’ll make an appointment to see me.

If you got this far without dozing off, thanks for reading and good health for the future.